David Ball: Sculptor by design

David has nearly four decades of experience as a sculptor and artisan.

David has nearly four decades of experience as a sculptor and artisan.

David Ball was born into the Australian bush in 1958. It has provided him with everything he values as a sculptor. He was raised in the bush fringes of Sydney and lives in a bush-lined pocket of the Southern Highlands of NSW.

He is driven to make his pieces by hand. This necessitates a physicality not often evident in large-scale metal sculptures.

David considers every angle of his sculptures. " I tend to work classically ", he says," I believe sculpture should command and relate to a space and work completely in the round, offering differing experiences from all angles, structure and poetry in one."

"David Ball's monumental sculptures act upon us. Like Stonehenge, they question every easy assumption. These steel giants seem to look at us as much as we look at them. They are themselves questions and strong statements, in equal measure. They are poetry in steel. They are protests in steel. They somehow straddle the classical and romantic ideals in singular form." - Client


David's work includes:

Sculpture, corten steel, 4.5m high

Sculpture, corten steel, 4.5m high


 The bush is a conduit and an inspiration to his work, which is noted for both its rawness and organic fluidity. David’s designs continue to be ambitious and original but, like an old wine, have settled and mellowed. He has begun using classic lines to create a sense of simplicity, stillness and timelessness.

Staircase, steel and granite.

Architectural commissions

David works closely with architects, business and homeowners to create the right original fixture for each environment. He has created staircases, railings, chandeliers, doors and entire interior fit-outs.

Truck, corten steel, 2.3m high


The life-sized figures David constructs are confronting and, often, moving. They capture vulnerability, fragility, stillness, humility, and other human conditions that are not often portrayed. The figures do not generally represent the classical ideal of beauty. But you be the judge.

Landscape sculpture, corten steel, 2.4m x 4m

Landscape sculpture

David is inspired by his landscape and lives in a bush-lined pocket of the world. His affinity for the landscape and his horticultural early training means that many of his commissions are for garden and public settings.

Solo exhibition, Sturt Gallery


David began constructing furniture when he moved to the Southern Highlands of New South Wales in the 1990s. His designs are original, playful and unorthodox.