PHOTO: Tony Sheffield

PHOTO: Tony Sheffield

“David is an intuitive sculptor of great depth and skill. His figures conjure up raw emotions and a stillness of feeling that is extraordinarily rare.”
– Graeme Galt


“David’s sublime creations have added great personality and depth to my home. He is contagiously passionate about what he does and is a uniquely wonderful artisan and sculptor.” 
– Judy MacMaster

“David has given our family so much joy. There seems to be no end to his talents.”
– Leo Berkelouw

“David balances the weight and mass of some of the heaviest materials with a lyrical finesse that produces elegant and powerful story-telling. He is masterful.” 
– Architect Martin O’Toole

“We are thrilled to work with David’s bold, imaginative and brave design ideas to enhance our garden in the years to come. We are his biggest fans.” 
– Clients Barry and Cathy Dawes 

Orb, Winner, Arts in the Valley 2017

"These steel giants seem to look at us as much as we look at them. They are themselves questions and strong statements, in equal measure. They are poetry in steel. They are protests in steel. They somehow straddle the classical and romantic ideals in singular form."
– Client


“David has designed and handcrafted a large blue gum and steel desk for my glass-walled study, a very sculptural and artistic piece that reflects the stands of native trees, rocky outcrops and river below. It is very beautiful and when I can’t be outside, my desk and study in not a bad second.” 
– Rob McLean

“I saw an exhibition of David’s, was struck by the playful organic quality and spirit of his work and gave him free licence. The results are magical. David is able to make the most unlikely materials sing joyous subliminal arias.” 
– Architect Martin O’Toole

“David’s astonishing talents have added style, warmth, humour and comfort to our village, which incorporates an artists’ retreat, education and meeting centre.” 
– Francis Mougel, Founding Director,
Harmony Village, Mittagong